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Aquatabs water purification tablets 8.5mg (50 pieces)

Aquatabs water purification tablets 8.5mg (50 pieces)

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With the Aquatabs water purification tablets (50 x 8.5 mg tablets) you can kill most harmful microorganisms in non-turbid water. The tablet dissolves clear within minutes and disinfects the water within 30 minutes. Aquatabs lead to a 99.9999% reduction of bacteria, a 99.99% reduction of viruses and a 99.9% reduction of Cysts (Giardia) within 30 minutes when used in non-turbid water. 50 tablets per pack. 1 tablet purifies 1 liter of water.

Instructions for use and dosage

Each tablet is dissolved in a certain volume of water according to the dosage table.

The Aquatabs water purification tablets should be used with clear water. If the water is cloudy, it must first be filtered until it is clear (see our water filters). If the water to be treated is consumed from a known source (such as a domestic water supply), then the low-risk dosage can be used. In all other situations the risk dose should be used.

Ensure that the tablet is dispersed (by briefly shaking or mixing the container). Wait 30 minutes for the disinfection to work and then the water is safe to drink.

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