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2-person Defense Pack for 3 days

2-person Defense Pack for 3 days

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Wat heb je nodig tijdens een (dreigende) oorlog of terroristische aanval?

In geval van een dreigende oorlog of een terroristische aanval is het cruciaal om voorbereid te zijn op mogelijke noodsituaties en om de veiligheid van jezelf en je dierbaren te waarborgen. Hier zijn enkele essentiële dingen die je nodig hebt. Ontwikkel een gedetailleerd noodplan voor jezelf en je gezin. Bespreek waar je naartoe gaat en hoe je daar komt als evacuatie nodig is. Oefen regelmatig met je gezin wat te doen in verschillende scenario's. Zorg voor meerdere manieren om te communiceren, zoals mobiele telefoons en een alternatieve communicatiemethode zoals walkietalkies. Zorg ervoor dat je contactgegevens van familieleden en noodnummers bij de hand hebt. Zorg voor een voorraad noodvoorzieningen die minstens 72 uur kan duren. Dit omvat water, lang houdbaar voedsel, medicijnen, een EHBO-kit, zaklampen, batterijen, dekens en warme kleding. Bewaar kopieën van belangrijke documenten zoals identiteitsbewijzen, paspoorten, verzekeringspolissen en medische gegevens in een waterdichte hoes. Zorg voor beschermende kleding en uitrusting, zoals gasmaskers, indien nodig. Als je ervoor kiest om een survival mes of een honkbalknuppel te gebruiken voor zelfverdediging, zorg er dan voor dat je begrijpt hoe je het veilig en verantwoord kunt gebruiken en houd rekening met de mogelijke consequenties van je acties. Blijf op de hoogte van de situatie door te luisteren naar officiële nieuwsbronnen en updates van lokale autoriteiten via een batterij-aangedreven radio. Vermijd het verspreiden van ongecontroleerde geruchten of valse informatie. Weet welke evacuatieroutes beschikbaar zijn en waar veilige schuilplaatsen zich bevinden in je omgeving. Zorg ervoor dat je voertuig is volgetankt en klaar is voor vertrek indien nodig. Blijf kalm en gefocust in noodsituaties. Help anderen waar mogelijk, maar neem ook de nodige stappen om jezelf en je gezin te beschermen.


Introducing our defense packages: the ultimate solution for preparedness in times of uncertainty. Packed with essentials for survival and safety, these kits ensure you are equipped to meet any challenge that may arise during periods of conflict or unrest.

The set contains 53 items that are stored in a backpack with the dimensions 67 x 40 x 25cm. The backpack weighs 14.0 kg with contents. In addition, there is room in the backpack for personal items. The emergency rations have a shelf life of 5 years. Designed and assembled in the Netherlands.

NB! The photo of the package may differ from the contents due to delivery problems and shortages. The list of products below is always correct.  


  • Completely designed by emergency preparedness professionals.
  • The emergency ration in this set has a shelf life of 5 years and is safe for vegetarians and people with nut allergies.
  • This survival kit is suitable for use in the event of a threat of war and terrorist attacks.
  • This kit is sometimes called an emergency kit, survival kit, disaster kit or recovery bag.
  • Information on emergency planning is provided through the SAS Survival Guide.

This emergency kit consists of:




Buying this emergency kit will save you €126,30 compared to buying individual products, which is a saving of 20%.

An emergency kit or individual items?

More economical than buying separately - and you're ready to go immediately!

The advantage of an emergency kit over buying individual items is on average 50 euros*! You also get rid of the hassle of sorting out what you need. All you have to do is add items that you probably already have at home. Things that are important for your situation. Think of things like medicines, copies of identity documents, cash and e.g. some toiletries like toilet paper, sanitary towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.

*Depending on the type of emergency kit

About the backpack

Meet the Brandit Combat backpack - a robust and versatile backpack designed for outdoor enthusiasts. The MOLLE system allows you to arrange your gear as you wish, while the padded shoulder straps ensure comfort during prolonged use.

Stay organised with the front pocket with a secure zip, in addition to top and side pockets for easy access to essentials. The backpack's spacious 66-litre main compartment can accommodate all your gear, complemented by a practical large shoe compartment in the lower section. Measuring 67cm x 40cm x 25cm, this backpack is tailor-made for both the wilderness and the city.

The matching rain cover is coloured orange, making you stand out well for rescue helicopters.


  • Volume: 66 L
  • Size: 67cm x 40cm x 25cm
  • Lining: 100% polyester
  • Outer fabric: 100% (600D) polyester coated with polychloride
  • Fitted with PALS webbing and thus MOLLE-compatible

About the multitool

The Victorinox Spartan is directly derived from the classic Swiss officer's knife. The 6 tools have a total of 12 functions, making this Swiss army knife very versatile. Wherever your life takes you and whatever challenges you face, to the Spartan you have a reliable all-rounder.

Main tools

Large knife

The large knife is razor-sharp and has a cutting section of no less than 6 centimetres. Once unfolded, there is no play anywhere. This makes it suitable for slightly heavier jobs. When opening and closing the blade, you will hear a familiar click.

Drill awl

What do you use an awl for? For all the things you shouldn't expose your knife tip to! The awl is sharpened on one side, so it is very suitable for marking things on wood. Which side of the line should you stick to when marking something off with a pencil? With an awl, this is no problem. It is also useful for pricking in soft metals. To mark where to drill, for example.


After you have removed the foil from the cork, uncork the bottle of wine with the corkscrew. Probably the most creative use of a corkscrew is to use the pocket knife as a coat rack. Twist the corkscrew into a wall and use the handle as a hanger.

Combination tool

A useful tool is the combination tool. This tool can be used as a bottle opener, wire stripper and screwdriver.


Reliability and perfection down to the last detail: a Victorinox is a true companion for life. Victorinox guarantees that all knives and multitools are made of stainless steel. That's why Victorinox gives a lifetime guarantee against material and manufacturing defects. So you don't have to worry in case of any manufacturing defects.

About the emergency ration

Seven Oceans has been the world's leading emergency food and emergency ration brand for 60 years. The emergency ration (in sold per 500-gram pack) is of superior quality, provides a balanced diet for survival and has a guaranteed shelf life of 5 years.

Each 500-gram pack of Seven Oceans emergency ration is vacuum-packed in air- and watertight 3-layer film surrounded by strong water-repellent cardboard. In each pack, you will find 9 bars of 56 grams and 271 kcal each. Each bar consists of 2 tablets wrapped in fat-free paper.

Seven Oceans is approved worldwide for use aboard lifeboats and life rafts, among other things, but of course it is also excellent for use as an emergency supply at home, in the Bug-out-Bag or at the Bug-out-Location. The high-quality packaging also includes instructions for use in 14 different languages and complies with SOLAS / ISO 18813: 2006 and E.C. Directive 98/83.


Wheat flour

  • Palm fat
  • Sugar
  • Vitamin C, B1 and B6

May contain traces of milk and soya.

Nutritional values per 100 g

  • Energy: 2,041 kJ / 488 kcal
  • Fat: 20.2 g
    - of which saturated: 12.9
  • Carbohydrates: 65.6 g
    - of which sugars: 11.4 g
  • Protein: 9.2 g
  • Salt: 0.002 g
  • Vitamin C: 30 mg
  • Vitamin B1: 1,5 mg
  • Vitamin B6: 1,5 mg

About the walkie-talkies

This set of 2 walkie-talkies (also called walkie-talkies) is very easy to use. Standard equipped with 16 normal PMR channels allowing you to communicate with other brands of walkie-talkies as well. This set of walkie-talkies can be used licence-free.

Predicting the range of a walkie-talkie is tricky. A higher transmission power does not always guarantee a better range. It is crucial to optimise the location and antenna, for example by using an outdoor antenna. In ideal conditions with clear visibility, the range can be tens of kilometres, but obstacles, buildings and antenna placement play a major role. Even the curvature of the earth can have an influence within 2 kilometres. The final range depends on several factors, including transmission power and obstacles between transmitter and receiver.

Please note that walkie-talkies are only in emergency kits from 2 people upwards.

About the multifunctional emergency radio

The multifunctional emergency radio receives AM and FM. It also features an LED torch and a mobile phone charger. This versatile device has an internal 2000 mAh lithium battery that lasts for hours and is charged using the built-in hand crank, the solar panel or the USB port.

For optimal battery life of the emergency radio, it is recommended to charge it regularly (e.g. 1x per quarter). To do this, connect the emergency radio to a USB charger or USB port.

About the first aid kit

Do you always have a first-aid kit or first-aid box at the ready wherever you go? A good first aid kit is an absolute must-have, at home, in the car or while travelling! Want a compact first aid kit, but still be well prepared for the most common accidents? The First Aid Kit Compact is nice and handy yet very complete. Perfect for trips, short journeys and for use at home or in the car.

The First Aid Kit Compact is a handy first aid kit filled with the most important first aid supplies, packed in a strong and practical nylon pouch. The pouch has a striking red colour and is fitted with handy Velcro fasteners. You can thus easily attach your first-aid kit to the belt of your trousers or the handlebars of your bike. Are you looking for a small but complete first aid kit and first aid box that will prepare you for the most common accidents? Going on a trip or short journey and don't want to take too much with you? Then opt for this handy and compact first aid kit!

Care Plus first aid kits are packed in a strong nylon pouch, in which you can conveniently store your things. In this strong storage bag, you can keep your first-aid items neatly and safely. The bright red colour ensures you can find your first-aid kit easily and quickly. Each set comes with a table of contents in words and pictures and the handy and valuable Care Plus First Aid Guide: 40 pages full of useful information and tips from medical professionals. The spacious case also has enough space for your own medicines and extra accessories.

The First Aid Kit Compact is a handy but complete first aid kit with the most important first aid supplies for at home, in the car and on a trip or short journey. This first aid kit has the following contents:

- 5 compresses 5 x 5 cm
- 2 non-adhesive compresses 10 x 10 cm
- 1 hydrophilic bandage 5 cm x 4 m
- 6 wound dressings 19 x 38 mm
- 5 wound dressings 25 x 72 mm
- 2 wound dressings 60 x 100 mm
- 2 non-adhesive compresses
- 1 quick bandage 12 x 12 cm
- 1 fixation tape roll 2.5 cm x 5 m
- 1 pair of vinyl gloves
- 6 alcohol wipes
- 1 pair of first-aid scissors (small)
- 1 pair of tweezers
- 6 safety pins
- 1 list of contents
- Care Plus First Aid Guidance Card

About the self-defence products

This emergency kit has been carefully put together to give people strength in uncertain times and provides essential tools for personal protection. The X-treme Camo Tactical knife in this kit is a versatile and rugged companion designed for precision and durability. Made with the utmost attention to detail, it ensures a reliable cutting edge in any situation. To complement this, the 70cm Aluminium Baseball Bat offers an effective non-lethal option, combining reach and impact to enhance your self-defence capabilities. Together, these components form a comprehensive solution within our Defence Pack, equipping you with the tools you need to navigate challenging conditions with confidence and resilience.

About the SAS manual

"A classic outdoor handbook [that] covers every conceivable disaster scenario. Don't leave home without it" -- Outside magazine

The ultimate guide to surviving anywhere, now updated with more than 100 pages of additional material, including a new chapter on urban survival

The global bestseller SAS Survival Handbook by John "Lofty" Wiseman, which has sold many millions of copies, has been revised to reflect the latest survival knowledge and technology and cover new topics, such as urban survival and terrorism, and is the ultimate resource for all campers, hikers and outdoor adventurers: from the basics of camping and navigation to fear management and strategies for dealing with any kind of disaster.

Supplement your emergency kit yourself

  • Water; three litres of water per day per person, for at least three days. Note: you need water not only for drinking, but also for cooking, washing, etc.
  • Any other food; a supply of non-perishable food for at least three days (plus a can opener if the food is in cans)
  • Stock up on any prescription medicines you take
  • Cash and copies of identity documents and insurance papers
  • Spare keys to your house and car
  • Map of the area, a road map and a list of the phone numbers and addresses of possible safe houses.
  • Stock up on toiletries: (toilet) bucket, toilet paper, wet wipes, soap, detergent, sanitary towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes

Important: Check every six months that your emergency kit is still complete and tenable.

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