Collection: Flood survival kits

What do you need as a basic emergency package for the first 72 hours after a flood has occurred? In 2009, the government set up the 'Denk vooruit' campaign for disasters and major incidents. In 2022, the NCTV announced that, as far as they are concerned, more Dutch people should prepare for disasters, for example, after which the Denk vooruit campaign was revived.

What is in an emergency kit?

This page contains emergency kits that have been put together by us with great care. Here you will find everything the government advises + useful extras. All our flood emergency kits come with a backpack in which you can transport and/or store the entire contents.

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To face the challenges of a flood, you need to be strategically prepared to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones. Our Flood Survival Pack is carefully curated with essential tools so you can navigate the complexities of a flood with confidence and resilience.

Basic food

The Flood Survival Pack contains carefully selected emergency rations designed to support you during floods. These compact and balanced provisions are essential to ensure you have a readily available source of sustenance, especially when access to conventional food may be compromised.

Clean water

Clean and safe drinking water is a basic need during floods. Our emergency kits include water purification tablets and water filters, which allow you to purify water from different sources. This ensures you have access to an essential source while navigating flood-ravaged areas.

Protected from the water

Staying dry is crucial for your health and comfort during floods. These emergency kits include waterproof ponchos, which provide reliable protection against rain and water exposure. These ponchos are designed to keep you dry, so you can concentrate on navigating flooded areas without compromising your well-being.

Staying warm

The Flood Survival Pack is equipped with a mylar emergency blanket, which provides insulation and warmth in difficult conditions. This versatile blanket is compact and lightweight, making it easy to have on hand and use when needed. In addition, the emergency packs include hand warmers.


Versatility is essential in flood situations. Our kit includes a multi-tool with different functions to meet different needs. From cutting through obstacles to helping with minor repairs, this tool is an essential part of your flood preparedness.

If you are facing floods, our Flood Survival Pack floods goes beyond immediate needs and focuses on the tools that contribute to your overall well-being and preparedness. Check out the emergency kits and discover how these survival supplies can make a significant difference, helping you face the unexpected challenges of a flood with resilience and confidence. SOS Central is your partner in preparedness, ensuring you have the tools to navigate the complexities of flooding powerfully and prepared.