Collection: War emergency kits

What do you need as a basic emergency package in the event of a threat of war? Following the war in Ukraine, NATO Admiral Rob Bauer recently warned that the Dutch must prepare for 'the unexpected'.

What is in a war emergency kit?

This page contains emergency kits that have been put together by us with great care. Here you will find everything the government advises + useful extras. All our emergency kits come with a backpack in which you can transport and/or store the entire contents in the event of war.

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Basic food

In times of war, food is crucial. Our emergency war packs contain carefully selected emergency rations that provide compact and balanced provisions. These rations ensure you have food readily available and provide a source of energy in difficult situations.

Stay warm and dry

Keeping warm and staying dry are essential in defence scenarios. Our emergency pack includes hand warmers and a waterproof poncho, providing reliable protection from rain and water exposure. In addition, the Defense Pack includes a survival tent, which is versatile enough to serve as both a shelter and an emergency sleeping bag. These items contribute to your overall well-being, providing protection from the elements and a comfortable space to rest when needed.

Stay connected

Communication is a lifeline in defence situations. The Defence Pack includes walkie talkies so you can keep in touch with family or neighbours during conflicts. These reliable communication devices have a range that allows clear and effective communication, improving your overall safety and coordination.

Knowledge is power

In defence scenarios, knowledge is a powerful tool. Emergency kits at war include a survival book with valuable information and tips to navigate through unforeseen circumstances. This tool gives you the knowledge to face different challenges, making you more resilient and prepared for uncertain situations.

Personal defence

Personal safety is paramount. The defence kit is equipped with a baseball bat and a knife, with which you can defend yourself. These items are designed to give you strength in situations where your personal safety may be at risk and offer practical solutions for protection.

In defence scenarios, our Defence Pack goes beyond immediate needs and focuses on the tools that contribute to your overall well-being and preparedness. Explore the emergency war kits and discover how these survival essentials can make a significant difference, allowing you to face the unexpected challenges of defence situations with resilience and confidence. SOS Central is your partner in preparedness, ensuring you have the tools you need to navigate the complexities of contingencies powerfully and prepared.